• RXworks: ICT in vetpractice works

    Healthcare, people and technology are the fundamentals of your practice. We do not deliver the first two, but RXworks implements the last fundament and helps you to deliver:

    • better care
    • higher efficiency
    • more fun
    • deliver a higher standard of care

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  • Best possible security with virtual server

    Virtual Server provides assurance of AIS. Your practice will have its own virtual server available on our VMware vCloud reliable standard cluster. This ensures stability and reliability. The cluster consists of an N +1 arrangement which is always a server in the cluster can fail without any problems. Your Virtual Server will automatically be moved to a failure within the cluster so you are sure of high uptimes. read more

  • Your ICT always available
    No investments with 24/7 monitoring
    Always your data back up safely stored
    Always the right number of licences

  • AIS is official AFAS-reseller

    AFAS is the Netherlands leading provider of professional business software in the areas of ERP, HRM, Payroll and CRM. AIS is proud to be preferred partner for installation, support and management of the AFAS solutions.

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Aesculaap Information Services

AIS is an ICT service provider in addition to practical ICT also contributes knowledge. By hosting on dedicated servers or virtual, digital imaging solutions, its practical support package RxWorks and dedicated support, AIS will ensure that ICT supports the practice effectively. Practice reduces the burden. read more